, Improving Patient Outcomes and Saving Lives
in ,, Improving Patient Outcomes and Saving Lives

When an experienced business team that has built numerous successful biotech ventures needs a new brand name, where do they turn? Enter Brand Boardwalk.

Cybrexa Therapeutics is developing an entirely new class of small molecule DNA repair inhibitors that directly target the tumor microenvironment. This approach leverages a novel tumor-localizing peptide technology developed by an internationally recognized research laboratory at Yale.

To match their unique scientific approach, the group selected Cybrexa, a futuristic name that lends itself to shifting paradigms.

Like many names developed and sold by Brand Boardwalk, was purchased safely and securely through our trusted partners at BrandBucket.

Improving patient outcomes and saving lives by developing better cancer therapeutics. That’s a story in which Brand Boardwalk is proud to play a small part.