, a brand name success story of a business name sold by Brand Boardwalk
in, London’s Premier Handymen Service

When London’s most trusted Handymen service needed a unique, memorable business name to elevate their brand, they naturally turned to the business name experts. And we didn’t disappoint.

Like many names developed and sold by Brand Boardwalk, was purchased safely and securely through our trusted partners at BrandBucket.

Offering reliable service, transparent pricing, and assistance with a range of common but necessary tasks, from replacing lightbulbs and other odd jobs to furniture assembly and even carpentry, has quickly become the go-to handymen service for property owners and locals in and around London.

Not only does provide a memorable online destination for any Londoner in need of a handyman, the business name itself creates a unique identity for the handymen themselves, now known widely as “Fiixers”.

A Brand Boardwalk Business Name Success Story:

According to Brand Boardwalk’s Creative Director, Justin Smith, “we’re thrilled with’s success. The business name Fiixer is a defining brand name that immediately brings to mind solutions, resolution and know-how, and evokes a sense of reassurance that all will be well – exactly the sort of useful and valuable services that London’s most trusted ‘Fiixers’ provide every day.”

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